Proactive / Preventative Care

What is Proactive / Preventative Care?

Those small pains can become acute or chronic pain if we’re not proactive about treatment. So, to ensure your small injury doesn’t become a serious problem, we take preventative measures to provide early intervention and get you back in the game again. Our integrated, holistic approach targets your pain and focuses on helping your body heal itself.
Preventative and Proactive Care OC Pain Management

Treatment Methods

Some treatment options may include:

The Professional

Works Monday through Saturday, morning until the evening. He is the vital engine that keeps his company going and as such, flies frequently across the country and works long hours both standing and sitting. He has lumbar back pain with radiculopathy down his leg, which we manage through a regiment of medication and interventional steroid injections, as well as physical therapy and acupuncture. This allows him to continue his work as the consummate business professional.
Orange County Pain Management Client The Professional