Nutritional Guidance

What is Nutritional Guidance?

Because your body has the potential to heal itself when provided with the nutrients, supplements and vitamins it needs, our on-staff nutritionist works with you individually to craft a customized nutrition plan.

Every plan we create is based on the data we obtain after running a series of Biomarker and Metabolic tests to listen to what your body is telling us.

From here, we design a unique plan that addresses inflammation, organ function, and other specific health factors that are specific to every person. So, every supplement, nutraceutical and diet plan we recommend is customized to respond to your body’s exact needs.
Nutritional Guidance OC Pain Management

Treatment Methods

Our team of healthcare providers believe that “the body has the potential to heal itself, if we give it the support it needs.” We look at nutrition patterns to target pain in a comprehensive manner using a combination of labwork and body composition analysis that customizes our guidance to your body and what it needs. We have a nutritionist on staff and a complete line of natural supplements and vitamin infusions to assist our patients living with pain and for their general wellness.

The Grandparent

A grandmother to the most perfect triplets. To say she has her hands full would be a grand understatement. Her days are spent caring for them – one grandchild is exhausting enough, three is otherworldly. She keeps up her superpowers with a specific treatment plan targeting her shoulder, knee, and back pains. Topical gels for quick relief and viscosupplementation injections into her joints keep her mobile and agile enough to be able to keep up with those triplets and to be the best grandma she can be. And while Rheumatoid Arthritis has tried to slow her down, a lifestyle plan that includes acupuncture, yoga and massage means she’s able to stay active and on the move.
Orange County Pain Management Client The Grandparent