Dr. Barkow has been managing my chronic pain Issues for some time and has achieved great results. He is a talented and caring physician and he and his wonderful team are the best. I recommend him highly.
Alex T.
The entire staff, including the receptionist, was awesome. Dr. Barkow is knowledgeable, professional and caring. As good as it gets. After one week my back is 80% better.
Tom R.
Great care as always. Dr. Barkow is very caring and talented. He has magic hands.
Alan T.
Dr. Barkow and his assistant, Sasha, take the time to answer my questions and concerns to my satisfaction. I never feel hurried. The staff is a delight to deal with too.
Norman T.
Dr Barkow is so helpful and understanding. I feel very comfortable that I am in the hands of an excellent and caring physician.
Jerry S.
I met Dr. Barkow in November 2015 after having some really bad luck with pain doctors. I agreed to try epidural shots again with fabulous results. He was attentive to my pain location, took his time, and really seemed to care about me feeling better. The shots lasted me 11 months and I just went back for another set. Thank you Dr. Barkow for giving me my life back.
Dana B.
I highly recommend Dr. Barkow’s office. The staff is excellent and very helpful. Sasha, the Nurse Practitioner is wonderful and very compassionate. I really appreciate everyone at this office. They have done a great job in helping me manage my everyday pain that I suffer with.
Sheri J.
Dr. Barkow has saved my husband’s life. If it were not for him, my husband would have a very poor quality of life.
Maxine T.
I appreciate the time and effort Dr. Barkow takes with me. I always feel he truly cares about your health and pain level. Thus, he takes the time and effort to control the pain issue whenever possible.
Bruce C.
My daughter is currently under the care of Dr. Barkow and I couldn’t be happier. We have seen several doctors and he is the first to treat her condition immediately and so far she is having great success. We were able to schedule an appointment right away and the staff couldn’t be more personable and helpful. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Barkow to anyone.
Mary S.
Dr. Barkow, Sasha, Pamina, and Staff are always so kind! They truly care about their patients and listen to their needs. There is no rushing the appointment and each person is treated as that, a person! I have been with Dr. Barkow for many, many years and I can tell you that he sincerely cares about his patients well-being. He also helps as much as possible! He’s there to lend a shoulder when the pain is too severe but he’s always thinking about how he can help further than just that appointment! I have given Dr. Barkow’s name to family and friends. Additionally, I have invited him to speak at conferences because he is incredibly insightful and intelligent! He’s the top 10 pain doctor in the country!
Heather G.
I thank Dr. Barkow and his staff for helping me enjoy life again; with good advice, excellent treatments, and medical support.
Chris H.
Dr. Barkow is a brilliant man – he saved me when I could not walk. I now walk 110% free of pain because of Dr. Barkow!
Andy R.
This Doctor is the pinnacle of pain management and his concern and safety are the best in the industry. I would recommend him to all who suffer. His new line of alternative herbal medicine is also superb.
Jennifer D.
My experience with Dr. Barkow was excellent. My back pain has resolved after the injections I received. He was considerate, kind, timely, and most of all paid attention to my concerns by taking the time to address all of my questions. Thank you Doctor.
Sandra W.
Dr. Barkow is an extremely caring and knowledgeable doctor. He is genuinely concerned about each patient and listens very carefully. In a day of rush, rush, rush, he’s a breath of fresh air. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.
David R.
Dr. Barkow is very professional and really cares about his patients. He has always listened and recommended the best plan of action for my medical issues.
Terry B.
Dr. Barkow has always been very helpful and has a friendly manner. I’m very satisfied with the care given by him and his staff.
Bill S.
Dr. Barkow & his staff were, as usual, very professional and courteous. Since being under Dr. Barkow’s care, my pain level has been managed very efficiently. I am very grateful to Dr. Barkow to be able to lead my life as normal as possible!!
Alan G.
Dr. Barkow is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field. He is relatable, patient, and caring. The office staff are always professional, proficient, and caring. They are great!
Edward G.
Your staff is always pleasant and helpful. I always feel that time is taken to listen to my health concerns.
Dan P.
Dr. Barkow and Sasha Speare are the most caring, compassionate and professional pain specialists I have yet to receive treatment from. I would refer without hesitation.
Cheryl O.
Great service! Professional doctor and assistants. Front office works fast and always takes care of your needs. The best place to visit when you’re in pain after injury or if you have a chronic pain.
Olga M.
Dr. Barkow is compassionate and really listened. He showed a genuine concern for my well-being, which is a quality that can be hard to find in a doctor. Although I am still sorting through my medical issues, I credit him for being thorough and caring.
Patricia K.
I never dreamed that I would suffer from pain as much as I have but 6 years ago I had spinal cord surgery and have had pain ever since. Dr. Barkow helped give me my life back. He has treated my pain and increased my quality of life dramatically!
Linda D.
Dr. Barkow has been helping me with my back pain for years. He is always compassionate and professional. He recently did a procedure on my back, which gave me significant relief. I highly recommend him to my friends and co-workers.
Sally A.
Dr. Barkow has surgically completed a Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) on my back nerves. My back pain has been eliminated. I have to do this procedure once a year, but my life is pain free. Dr. Barkow is a very professional pain management doctor.
Francisco D.
I’m writing this in hopes that I can help someone else along to a perfect whole and complete way of life! I have been through a lot medically in the past 3 years. The struggle was well worth the wait when I found Dr. Barkow and his wife, nutritionist Pamina Barkow! I met Dr. Barkow first and he has been managing my life changing pain for over a year! I have never had a doctor CARE as much as he does! The practice they share together is built to encourage a healthy life style through pain relief and nutrition. They educate but never push you into nutrition. I made an appointment to see Pamina Barkow after suffering through an allergic/intolerant reaction to gluten. Where I was left in a state of malnutrition, dehydrated unhealthy all over body, soul, and mind. Pamina has shared her excellent education in nutrition in such a caring one on one way! I have been using the IllumiNutri product that they developed for one week, and I can’t even believe the difference in my health. Dr. Barkow along with his wife/nutritionist Pamina have changed my life! I’m so grateful for the passion that they share together in healing, and that I’m taking part in it! Thank you doesn’t even cover it…
Dawn B.
Very professional pain management practice. I crushed my ankle years ago in an accident and have suffered almost every day since. I went to see Dr. Barkow after being given very little hope by different orthopedic doctors. Dr. Barkow is kind and patient. He suggested a treatment that I had tried years ago that had aggravated my problem but he encouraged me to try again. It worked and I was actually able to ski with my family! His staff is courteous and the office is very clean. My ankle has contributed to other problems with my knees and back and Dr. Barkow never pushes surgery seeking other alternative treatments which I really appreciate.
Patricia J.
I am always impressed with the entire staff. They all seem genuinely interested in me as a patient. The practice is one of the best I have ever seen.
Robert B.
I think Dr. Barkow is wonderful and very professional, and so are his assistants. I am so glad that I have finally found my miracle worker!
Susan P.
Dr. Barkow and his staff are pristine. Dr. Barkow is very caring and concise. I trust him and his staff.
Victoria A.