Dr. Stephen Barkow, MD

Dr. Barkow is the Medical Director of Orange County Pain Management and practicing physician for over 20 years. He is a scientist who draws from a variety of disciplines and alternative medicine options to best help heal his patients.
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Sasha Speare – Nurse Practitioner

Sasha Speare was born and raised in Southern Orange County and offers an integral part of the team at Orange County Pain Management. Her nursing approach is well-rounded, having worked in physical therapy, primary care, home care, inpatient facilities and abroad. She values a holistic approach to pain that focuses on the whole individual including nutrition, physical therapy, interventional techniques, medication management, and alternative options to treat pain. Her experience working abroad in Spain and the Dominican Republic has given her experience with a variety of disease processes and people, as well as enhancing her fluency in Spanish. In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, surfing, and golfing. Sasha was educated at Columbia University in New York City for her Masters of Science in Nursing and Northwestern University for Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science.

Pamina Barkow, MA, CNC – Nutritionist

What began as a childhood love of cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen slowly grew into a career in helping people eat healthier and be happier. For the past decade, Pamina has worked with people who have special dietary needs, specializing in patients with celiac, dairy and other dietary sensitivities. In addition to her education and technical skills, Pamina is also a mother who can relate to busy family schedules and the challenge of eating healthfully. She received her Master’s Degree from UC Irvine and is also a classically trained chef.

Don Hills, PA-C, DC

Don brings over 15 years of Pain Management experience to the practice. He earned his doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles. He earned his Physician Assistant degree from Western University of Health Sciences. He also completed his Pre-Med Curriculum at California State University, Long Beach. Patients appreciate his thoughtful and calm, laid-back demeanor during patient encounters.

Ciro Elgueta, PHD, CNC

Ciro is the lifetime student of human behavior. He earned his PHD from Biblioteca Vasconsulelos University as well as earning highest honors while pursuing his Clinical Nutrition Certification. Our patients appreciate his insight and academic approach to the topic of human health and nutrition.